Kołobrzeg to Hamburg

Baltic Sea Circle Day 15 I’d forgotten what real bed felt like, it was amazing. Don’t get me wrong the mattress in the roof tent is comfortable, but not the same as a real bed. After waking up I looked out the window and discovered it had rained in the night, the terrace was wetContinue reading “Kołobrzeg to Hamburg”

Ādaži to Marijampole

Baltic Sea Circle Day 13 We woke up pretty late, with the sun already warming the roof tent like an oven. Sleep had been on and off as the mosquito bites we had acquired the evening before had been incredibly itchy despite our liberal applications of bite relief cream.  We followed our morning rituals ofContinue reading “Ādaži to Marijampole”

Raudsilla to Ādaži

Baltic Sea Circle Day 12 Radsilla to Adazi We woke up rather exhausted after our late night and the loud music, but keen to get back on the road and head to the challenge of the day: we needed to visit an old Estonian prison, located in a quary which was now flooded. We hadContinue reading “Raudsilla to Ādaži”

Sumiainen to Raudsilla

Baltic Sea Circle day 11 Gemma woke before me with the sound of a hundred crazy gulls and began to pack up around me as I slept soundly for another 10 minutes, clearly needing the sleep! Once awake we sorted breakfast and coffee and packed away the sleeping gear. The boot of our car startedContinue reading “Sumiainen to Raudsilla”

Rovaniemi to Sumiainen

Baltic Sea Circle Day 10 Having just crossed the Arctic circle, there were a few hours of relative darkness during the night. More like a prolonged dusk. I struggled to wake up that morning, but Gem had had a restless night. We were still sleepy as we packed up and left the campsite, I droveContinue reading “Rovaniemi to Sumiainen”

Lakselv to Rovaniemi

Baltic Sea Circle Day 9 We woke up with the sun already beating down on the tent and making us far too hot to stay in our sleeping bags. We really should have brought more summer clothes and fewer warm ones! We went about our now slick procedure for packing up and eating breakfast. WhileContinue reading “Lakselv to Rovaniemi”

Jokkmokk to Alta

Baltic Sea Circle Day 7 The mornings were getting slicker with breakfast, packing away the tent and getting on the road. We were on the road by 7:30am, leaving the Arctic Camp at Jokkmokk behind. The car still had a whiff of fish about it, especially if you opened the centre armrest where the tinContinue reading “Jokkmokk to Alta”

Gällö to Jokkmokk

Baltic Sea Circle Day 6 We woke up at 5:30 to a silent campsite. The sun hadn’t set the previous night and many of the campers had stayed up to watch it, and clearly needed to catch up. We ate a quick breakfast, skipped the coffee and packed up the tent. By now we wereContinue reading “Gällö to Jokkmokk”


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